Great comeback and gold in 400 surface men for the 40 years old hungarian, silver in 200 surface and gold in 4×100 relay women for the 15 years old russian
Great show for all the ages in the first day of Finswimming competition at The World Games in Breslaw (Poland). CMAS (World underwater sports federation) is the queen of the first two days of the Games, with an undisclosed Olympic target for his best known discipline, Finswimming. So, for the first day of finals, two athletes shined over the others: the 40 years old hungarian Denes Kanyo, who won gold with an incredible comeback on 400 surface men, and the 15 years old russian Ekaterina Mikhaylushkina, who won silver on women 200 surface individual and then hauled his team to the gold over China with a great comeback in the last relay of 4×100.
Double for South Korea in the opening women 50 apnoea, with Ye Sol Jang (gold in 16″02) and Gain Kim (silver in 16″40) silver; bronze for 33 years old ukrainian Katerynba Dyelova (16″46). Favourite Hungarian Petra Senanszky won gol in women 50 bi-fins with the new world record in 20″52 (better than his own previous WR 20″98 in 2016). Silver for South Korea with Min Ji Choi (21″47), bronze for Hungary with Krisztina Varga (21″58). Big surprise in 100 surface men: russian Dmitrii Zhurman won gold in 34″70, beating the fresh world record owner, german Max Poschart, silver in 34″84 (he swam 33″87 in may at the german championships). Bronze for the other russian Pavel Kabanov (34″92), the silver medal at The World Games 2013 in Cali. Russian Valeriya Baranovskaya confirmed gold she won 4 years ago and setted new world record on women 200 surface in 1’25″41 (better than 1’25″90 she swam in 2015). Silver for her 15 years old fellow countrywoman Mikhaylushkina (1’27″57), bronze for ukrainian Anastasiia Antoniak (1’28″76). On male 100 bi-fins, gold for belorussian Dmitry Gavrilov (20″04), silver for hungarian Gergo Kosina (20″19) and bronze for czech Jakub Jarolim (20″04).
Great surprise in the last individual event, with the victory of the 40 years old hungarian Denes Kanyo, with an incredibile comeback in the last 50 meters of the day (gold in 2’58″41). Big upset for german Max Lauschus (gold 4 years ago in Cali), leading for three quarters of the event but just second at the touch in 2’59″02. Bronz for italian Davide De Ceglie (2’01″46).
In the last event of the day, Mikhaylushkina shined again, with a great comeback in the last 100 meters for the victory of Russia (with also Baranovskaya, Anna Ber and Aleksandra Skurlatova gold in 2’34″78, just 0″24 short from its own world record), in front of China (silver in 2’35″16 with Chengjing Shu, Peiyao Xin, Simin Liu and Yichuan Xu). Bronze medal for Colombia (2’36″83 with Grace Fernandez Castillo, Viviana Paola Retamozo Olaya, Kelly Ximena Perez Rubio and Paula Alejandra Aguirre Joya).

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